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Goodbye gift

– For a Nanny –


– A custom made piece from first enquiry to final delivery –


“She took my half-baked idea of what I wanted and turned it into a beautiful piece of artwork — with so many personal touches hidden within.”
Client’s requests

A few months ago I was contacted by a very considerate, sweet lady Emily, who wanted me to make a unique parting gift to give to her nanny because her son is now going to daycare.

She wanted the piece to be a memory to their family, so she asked me to include her son. And as her nanny took him to the swings often, she suggested a bucket swing as well.
The family dog couldn’t be missed either. Emily sent pictures over of her dog and her son, so I could recreate them as true to life as possible.
Besides these main features, she wanted me to include a few other things: the year “2017”, a monkey and a frog (from favorite books and toys) and the Brazilian flag (nationality of the nanny).


Designing the papercut

I decided to make a scene in the park featuring their happy boy in his bucket swing under the watchful eye of their family dog. The “originals” (dog and boy) needed to be resembled as closely as possible in the design, so I used multiple pictures that were sent to me to create the design.

The other elements to be incorporated, were more blend in, in the environment, as they weren’t supposed to be a main feature. Can you spot the following (best seen in last picture):

  • “2017” (this one’s obvious),
  • monkey,
  • frog
  • Brazilian flag?
The endresult and framing

After finishing cutting the papercut I sent some pictures of it to Emily. She was very happy with the result and I shipped the papercut over for her to frame it.

She chose to sandwich the cut out between two sheets of glass to emphasize it’s “open” nature. On the right the picture she sent me of the framed piece. I love how it looks!

What do you think?

What the client said:
“I was searching for a meaningful, from the heart gift for my nanny who was finishing up her time with us. I wanted something that would be able to remind her of our time together while still being something pretty enough that she’d actually want to set it around her house! I was thrilled to find Whispering Paper.
From the start, Marthe was a pleasure to work with. She was responsive, helpful and genuinely wanted to make sure I was happy with her work. She took my half-baked idea of what I wanted and turned it into a beautiful piece of artwork — with so many personal touches hidden within. I got this to give as a gift, but I love it so much, I’ve had to talk myself out of keeping it for myself!”

New York, United States

- Inspired? -

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