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Paper cut for a

Newborn Baby Boy


– A custom made piece from first enquiry to final delivery –


“Creative craftmanship with an eye for all the personal details
to which I didn’t even know I wanted them in the piece.”
Client’s requests

When a newly-made uncle Mike, contacted me, he requested a unique and personalized new baby gift for his newborn nephew.

He asked me to incorporate the name and birthdate of the baby boy in the design. As it wouldbe for a boy he wanted a bit of a bolder and tough font.

Mike saw the nightlight with a forest theme I made earlier and said that was the kind of atmosphere he was looking for. So, he wanted a Bambi-style forest theme, like a small clearing in the woods, but without the buntings I did in the nightlight. Instead he asked to have the name incorporated in the design itself.

He asked me to incorporate a fox somewhere in the design as that was a play on the mothers name, and maybe some special touches to make it unique. Besides the usual forest creatures he asked me to incorporate a monkey to refer to the big brother of Benja. 😉

Designing the papercut

With this information in mind I started designing.
A tricky part in designing a scene like this, is that I want it to look interesting and make your eyes wander all over the piece, instead of going in a boring horizontal line. To do this I created different groundlevels.

I also decided to have some interaction between the fox and fawn and fill the forest with little forest creatures (and the little monkey!) to give it a fun, playful (and a bit a “cute”) look, without using buntings etc.
I think the final piece does give that ‘Bambi-feel’, don’t you?

What the client said:

“They (the new parents) were extremely happy with it and they really thought it was beautiful. So I fortunately got the pat on the back for choosing this gift.

It also was such a festive package, all nicely wrapped and with the separate cards, it just felt complete.
Creative craftmanship with an eye for all the personal details to which I didn’t even know I wanted them in the piece. I really take my hat off to you!”


The Netherlands

- Inspired? -

I’d love to hear what you have in mind for your papercut and how
we can work together to make this reality.
Just contact me to request a custom quote and ask all the questions you may have.

– I’m looking forward to hearing from you! –

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