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Paper cut for a

– 25th Anniversary –


– A custom made piece from first enquiry to final delivery –

“She took my ideas and turned them into a one of a kind,
detail filled, work of art, made with both talent and love.”
Client’s requests
A while ago I was contacted by this very sweet lady Linda, who wanted me to make something special to give to her husband for their 25th (!) wedding anniversary. She asked me to incorporate this poem by Robert Saxton as they do a lot of holding hands and hiking together:
“Across the years I will walk with you – in deep green forests; on shores of sand: and when our time on earth is through, in heaven, too, you will have my hand”
Linda told me she loves the forest, desert, Hawaii (birthground and engagement setting) and Switzerland. She also told me she ballroom dances together with her husband, who loves astronomy. As she really liked the papercut flowers I did in other pieces and wanted the flowers in her papercut to represent California, Switzerland and Hawaii if possible. For the overall shape, we decided to go with a heart shaped papercut, to visualise her love for her husband.
Designing the papercut
To visualise the different locations in the design, I used Hawaiian flowers (hibiscus & brackenridgei) on the lower halve of the papercut. The border around the text was cut in a water-like shape to represent the (Hawaiian) sea. The middle halve is filled with flowers from California (California poppies) and a sandy border around the text visualizing the Californian desert. The top halve of the heart shows flowers from Switzerland (Edelweiss of course and the mossy saxifrage) with a peak silhouette border.
To make the papercut even more personal we hid some things, requested by the client, in between the flowers. Can you find them? (best seen in the first or last picture) Look for the following:
  • pictures of the couple walking
  • holding hands
  • couple dancing
  • telescope
  • seashell
  • couples walking shoes
What the client said:

Marthe’s work is truly breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL! She is talented, creative and patient. I was looking for a unique piece of art to surprise my husband with for our 25th wedding anniversary. I found Marthe’s a joy to work with. She took my ideas and turned them into a one of a kind, detail filled, work of art made with both talent and love.

When the finished piece  arrived I went WOW!  The finished piece far exceeded my hopes. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. LOVE IT!


California USA

- Inspired? -

I’d love to hear what you have in mind for your papercut and how
we can work together to make this reality.
Just contact me to request a custom quote and ask all the questions you may have.

– I’m looking forward to hearing from you! –