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Large Papercut for

VT Wonen

– TV Show –


– A custom made piece from first enquiry to final delivery –

Client’s requests

When I was contacted by interior stylist Marianne Luning, she asked me whether I could do a large papercut for one of the interior make-overs they were doing for VT Wonen TV Show.

She told me they were doing this make-over in Amsterdam for a couple Müge and Marvin. The coupled loved a Boho style, so Marianne wanted this Ibiza / beachy look for the papercut. She also suggested to use two hands in the design, to symbolize the couple.

Designing the papercut

Although I knew the idea for the hands in the papercut wouldn’t work that well in a papercut, I made a few designs to show the options and how it would look. Luckily Marianne agreed with me that it didn’t look like she wanted.

I then suggested a more subtile reference to the couple; I wanted to incorporate flowers that would represent the couples countries of origin. As Müge is from Turkey and Marvin from the Carribean I used flowers that were native to these places. And as they are living in The Netherlands I also chose some typical Dutch flowers.

As with all tv productions like this, Marianne changed the plans regarding the size and shape for this papercut quite a few times, to find the best shape and place in the new interior. In the end I designed a very large (1 m. x 1,5 m.) flower ‘draping’.


Cutting the Papercut

Now it was time for the cutting to be done. Usually this is a pretty straightforward part, apart from that it’s very timeconsuming. But with this very large size came a few new challenges. Like the fact that my table wasn’t even big enough. And how would I reach to all parts of the papercut to cut? And before I could even start with that; how would I transfer the design to the actual papercutting paper? But this is why I love to get orders form businesses; they always seem to challenge me in a whole different way. 😀

I figured I would cut through two sheets of paper; one with the design on it (very thin paper) and the other the papercutting paper. After putting a large table in the middle of the room, I was ready to start! It almost cost me my back, but I was quite happy with the result once it was all finished.

Reveal during the TV Show

Now came the part I dreaded; having to go with my face on national tv… Not something I’m doing everyday, and not something I particularly like either…

I needed to walk up with the wrapped papercut and reveal it to the tv host and stylist Marianne. After almost blowing away with my large boards (in which the papercut was sandwiched), I opened the package on the table in the new interior. Because of the nerves I forgot most of what happened and was asked after that, but “luckily” it was taped to see it all back on tv. 😉

I loved the reaction of tv host Viktor Brand, and I loved how it was hung even more!! They made a custom frame just for this papercut and painted it in the same colour as the wall. Beautiful, right?

Curious to see the episode (it’s in Dutch), click the link below.

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