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Digital Templates

Cut your most beautiful papercuts at home with these templates. Print them on your own preferred paper; try different colours, and weights.



Cut your most beautiful papercuts at home with these templates. You'll receive the template of your choice as a printable file to print on your own preferred paper. You can try printing your template on different colours, and weights of paper. I personally like to use 160 gsm and acid-free paper, so they'll stay beautiful for a long time. But these printable templates can be printed on any type of paper.

You'll also receive a few helpful tips & tricks to cut your template. Really want to make a good start with papercutting? Follow the online workshop to get all the information that I've learned in my many years of experience cutting the most detailed Papercuts.

IMPORTANT: These designs are made with a whole lot of love and attention and remain the intellectual property of Whispering Paper and are protected with copyright. This means that these templates are strictly for personal, hobby-related use only! It is not allowed to (re)sell, copy, alter or reproduce this template or the papercut work from this design in any way. Thank you.

By purchasing my designs you agree to these terms.

©Whispering Paper 

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What's included

Printable template of your choice
Tips & Tricks for cutting your piece.


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