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Background Stories


– Testimonials –

– Read about the process, the requests, and what the client thought of the finished piece. –

creation of custom cuts

Background Stories

– Read the “Making-Of” of these papercuts and the clients’ full review –

Anniversary Gift
– Family Wedding –

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the full testimonial & the Making-Of

“ We are both very grateful for having this as an exceptionally unique anniversary present, and a family heirloom keepsake… “

– Ivo, Vancouver, Canada –

25th Anniversary Gift
– Heart with personal history –

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the full testimonial & the Making-Of

Custom Papercut for a TV Show
– Flower wall hanging –

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“She took my ideas and turned them into a one of a kind, detail filled, work of art, made with both talent and love.”

– Linda, California, USA –

“The flowers of Turkey and the Antilles are a superb combination and very romantic

– Marianne Luning, Stylist VT Wonen, Holland –

Anniversary Gift
– Mountain Love –

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the full testimonial & the Making-Of

Birth Announcement Cards
– Personal and stripy –

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Even after working with Marthe on the design and seeing a scan of the work, I was blown away by the intricate papercut that arrived in the mail.

– Rebecca, New York, USA –

Vík likes the zebras on his wall as much as we do and he kisses them regularly,
so sweet

– Noortje, Holland –

Parting Gift
– A beautiful memory for a nanny –

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Wedding Gift
– Memory of an Ibiza wedding –

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She took my half-baked idea of what I wanted and turned it into a beautiful piece of artwork — with so many personal touches hidden within.

– Emily, New York, USA –

The papercut is a memory to us, of a very special day and hangs on a nice and prominent place in our home.”

– Chantal, Holland –

Birth Announcement Cards
– Forest Celebration –

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the full testimonial & the Making-Of

“Marthe helped us tremendously. In a really short amount of time she made a beautiful design and executed the card.

– Ellen, Holland –

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Personal Messages

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Alex - square

December 16, 2022

I would give Marthe and her business 10 stars if I could. She was the most patient and kind to work with through making me a custom piece. She suggested edits that were so thoughtful and created something even better than I could have imagined! And she worked tirelessly to get things just right. I cannot suggest her enough. The package arrived safely (to the US) and was packaged beautifully.
My husband (and myself) are completely blown away with the quality, detail, and beauty of our piece!
Worth all the time, back and forth, waiting, and price. Would (and will) recommend time and time again.

*review on Google maps*


United States

Monica - Square

November 24, 2022

This piece evolved under the extraordinary creative guidance of Marthe.  What started as a memento for my husband evolved into a project of self reflection and values as represented by the symbols Marthe so beautifully incorporated.  We went back and forth with ideas several times, and Marthe’s suggestions were always spot on.  We love this beautiful and meaningful piece of art.  We are so grateful for Marthe sharing her talent, intelligence, and patience with us!


United States

Ruth - square

October 10, 2022

They arrived safe and sound and are stunning. We absolutely love them.


United States

Screenshot video - invitation Lyzz
September 28, 2022

Marthe has been a joy to work with! I first found her paper cuttings when looking for a wedding invitation design that fit my aesthetic. She had one that she was able to adapt and send me proofs. She was timely and the design came out beautifully! I’m thrilled to use these as my invitations.


United States

Family portrait - Framed - square

August 12, 2022

We initially contacted Marthe to design a birth announcement for our baby. However, after she was stillborn, we discussed the option to design a different artwork, that would allow us to remember her. The papercut that includes all three of us is like a family portret that we would otherwise never have. It is full of special references to our little girl, which Marthe took great care to incorporate. As such, it has a very special place in our house and in our hearts ❤️

Arun & Suzanne

The Netherlands

Square - Erin - both layers

 June 14, 2022

I love the papercut – it’s just beautiful. I’m taking it to a framer today


United States

13th wedding anniversary - wip 2

 February 9, 2022

Hi Marthe,

I so enjoyed opening the papercut package at the framer’s today. It felt like Christmas morning.  It is absolutely STUNNING. You are so very talented!!!

Ok, a few sentences…

My husband and I like to give each other traditional anniversary gifts. For our 13th anniversary, the traditional gift is lace…easier for a man to come up with an idea for his wife than a woman for her husband! After a lot of research and thought, I came across Whispering Paper’s beautiful work and I realized I could give a papercut that LOOKED like lace…but was personalized with several items that are special to our lives and relationship. I loved the floral pieces on the website and was delighted to learn that Marthe could do a floral cut that included flowers that grow on a local mountain that is very special to us.

Marthe was amazing to work with. She patiently made changes to the design until I felt it was right. She kept me up to date on the work’s progress and shipment once it was in transit (my piece required international shipping). The final piece was beautiful to unwrap – I felt like a kid on Christmas morning!

Thank you again Marthe. You really are incredibly talented. I’m so glad you share your talent with the world!


United States

Wedding Memories - Square
November 17, 2021

Thank you so much!!
My husband and I love your piece so much!! We are super happy about it.

You are sooooo sweet and attentive throughout the journey.  The actual piece looks even better than what we expected.
It is a very good symbol of our paper anniversary.

We will definitely share your contact with my friends and family.
Once again, thank you for creating this beautiful piece.


Hong Kong, China

1st Anniversary Ketubah Square

 September 30, 2021

We wanted to celebrate our first anniversary with a secular version of a traditional ketubah since we’re an agnostic interfaith couple.

We loved Marthe’s style and skill, and she was an absolute delight to work with. We gave Marthe a handful of photos and ideas of shapes to include and let her take the lead on a vision for the piece. We only had a couple of adjustments, but communication was easy and clear.

My dream was to write our vows myself, and I was worried I might never get around to finishing that project. Marthe sent us a finished piece with our vows already written out and extra paper so I can write our vows myself and swap the copper paper.
She also sent a small piece for us to test our pens before we sign the contract.

She thought of everything, and we’re completely blown away by her execution of the florals, the carousel, our silhouettes, and the windows from our venue.
It’s so detailed and so lovely; we couldn’t imagine a better way to display our vows.

Jennie & Jared

United States

40th Wedding Anniversary gift for parents-square

August 10, 2021

Your papercut has arrived and I’m really pleased with it, thank you so much! I’ll be giving it to my parents tomorrow 😊


The UK

Western with Chinese zodiac signs- Saggitarius square

 June 4, 2020

* translated from Dutch *

A few years ago we saw cut-out zodiac signs in Libelle magazines. I immediatly fell in love with them and I contacted Marthe.

After the inital contact it took a while for me and my husband to make the final decision to have these ‘paper cuts’ made with our zodiac signs combined with our Chinese zodiac signs. Marthe really ran with this and made a beautiful design, which she could make final as far as we were concerned. The contact with Marthe, through e-mail, was great and she really thought along with us. We received the papercuts safely and nicely packaged, top notch!  


The Netherlands

Anniversary papercut - Couples portrait - square
June 3, 2020

Marthe was brilliant to work with. Always very quick with communication and making sure I was happy with the design and getting the best quality photos so the detail in the cut was as good as it could be. I had a design done for my wife for our 1st anniversary which had pictures from our wedding day. It safe to say my wife loved it enough she cried. I very highly recommend Marthe and her work. You get a personal touch and someone who is amazing at their work and takes a huge amount of pride in their art.
Thank you again Marthe.

Ashley Ansermoz

The UK

Mother's Love - Total Square

December 26, 2019

When my friend read the lyrics of a song as a tribute to her mother at her funeral, I was deeply touched by how perfect the words were.  I loved it and wanted to preserve it as a positive, uplifting, happy celebration of the way it also applied to her and her daughters.  After researching various options, I determined an original papercut from Whispering Paper would be the best way to honor my friend’s family.

Marthe was so wonderful to work with throughout every step of the project.  Among the intricate flowers (which Marthe chose for their meanings), are family names, symbols and images in the papercut design.  She provided a sketch for my approval, and was very positive and receptive to changes, even waiting for several months as we awaited the births of new family members so their names could be added to the creation!  Marthe’s dedication and talent far exceeded my expectations. She is a true artist and a lovely person.  I am thrilled with the outcome of this project, which is destined to be a treasured family heirloom.


Connecticut, United States

September 18, 2019

* translated from Dutch *

(…) We think the version you’ve sent us is really beautiful! It worked out really great again!
We think it looks tip top.
Thanks again!!


(…) We vinden de versie die je zo hebt opgestuurd erg mooi! Het is weer heel leuk geworden! 
Het ziet er tiptop uit.

Bedankt weer!!
Jeffrey & Marije

The Netherlands

June 26, 2019

Marthe was a pleasure to work with — responsive and warm.  I loved how she helped guide me to create a shared vision, and I truly feel that the end result is a fabulous artistic collaboration, personal and wonderful.  Given the intimate nature of my subject matter, I was a little wary approaching a stranger, but Marthe was accepting and encouraging.  Truly a lovely experience in all ways.


United States

April 7 26, 2019

* translated from Dutch *

Hi Marthe,

I received the package yesterday. You’ve wrapped it beautifully, it felt like unwrapping a gift. I thought it turned out to be really gorgeous. (…) Thank you for the pleasant collaboration.


Hallo Marthe,

ik heb gisteren het pakketje binnen gekregen. Wat had je t mooi ingepakt zeg, of ik een kadootje aan t uitpakken was. Ik vind het echt prachtig geworden. (…) Bedankt voor de fijne samenwerking. Groetjes,


The Netherlands

February 7, 2019

We have just received our second paper cut from Whispering Paper. The first one we gave as a wedding gift to some friends. Since we gave them theirs I have wanted one of our own! We had a wonderful family holiday in Scotland and so I asked Marthe if she could make us a paper cut to remember it by. 

The whole process from initial ideas to design and complete paper cut has been incredibly easy and well thought out. Marthe has great attention to detail and her ability to portray our ideas into the papercut was perfect, better than we could have hoped for! 

Marthe has great ideas but is also very willing to help get your ideas onto the paper! 

We have loved working with Marthe and would highly recommend her. Even the packaging of the papercut was beautiful!


United Kingdom

December 28, 2018

Stephanie and I unwrapped it tonight and it’s absolutely extraordinary.!

She was truly speechless and wonderstruck by the level of detail, and absolutely LOVES the piece.! We talked about all the steps you spent working on it with me and getting it just right.. As well, I appreciate the attention to detail you had in packaging it up, the photos of the work in progress and the little note you included, all made this anniversary gift a wonderful experience 🙂

I want to thank you Marthe for the beautiful work you’ve done – the 3 layers and the perspective and depth it gives to the piece is so special – it is a truly beautiful piece of art..!

We are both very grateful for having this as an exceptionally unique anniversary present, and a family heirloom keepsake..
Thank you again Marthe!



December 18, 2018
Marthe has more than exceeded our expectations with the birth announcement card for our son Guus.
The first design she sent, based on our input, was an immediate hit and even more beautiful than we had hoped. It is really amazing how she managed to grasp the appearance of our cats; they really look amazingly alike!
Furthermore, it was very pleasant during the design phase, that Marthe made suggestions about what could work well, including sketches to clarify it.
During the entire process – from the first request to framing tips – Marthe was always extremely helpful, quick and friendly. The result is a unique and personal work of art, to which we have already received many positive reactions: a framed papercut for the baby room and beautiful birth announcements.
The way in which Marthe had packed everything, further demonstrated her personal attention, creativity and eye for detail. In short: if you want a unique (birth) card including artwork, I warmly recommend Whispering Paper!

“Marthe heeft met het geboortekaartje van onze zoon Guus onze verwachtingen meer dan overtroffen.
Het eerste ontwerp dat ze op basis van onze input stuurde was meteen een schot in de roos en nog mooier dan we al hoopten.
Het is echt ontzettend knap hoe ze de oogopslag van onze katten heeft weten te vatten; ze lijken echt verbluffend goed!
Verder was het tijdens de ontwerpfase erg prettig dat Marthe suggesties deed over wat goed zou kunnen werken inclusief schetsen om het te verduidelijken.
Tijdens het hele proces – van de eerste aanvraag tot tips voor het inlijsten – was Marthe steeds uiterst behulpzaam, snel en vriendelijk.
Het resultaat is een uniek en persoonlijk kunstwerk waar we al veel positieve reacties op hebben ontvangen: een ingelijste papercut voor op de babykamer en schitterende geboortekaartjes.
De wijze waarop Marthe alles had ingepakt, gaf nog eens extra blijk van haar persoonlijke aandacht, creativiteit en oog voor detail.
Kortom: als je een uniek (geboorte)kaartje wilt inclusief kunstwerk, dan beveel ik Whispering Paper van harte aan!”


The Netherlands

October 25, 2018

Hi Marthe,

It looks amazing! Thank you so much for all of your help! I can’t wait to give it to her! Please let me know if you need any additional information for shipping or anything else. Thanks again!

Just arrived here in Austin, that was so fast! It is perfect! I can’t wait to give it to C(…)! The packaging is so nice too. I love the wood and string. Thank you also for the postcards and the nice note :-).


United States

September 20, 2018

Hi Marthe,
I am so happy – this was such an enjoyable collaboration for me; working with you has been wonderful.
I can’t wait to surprise my partner with it, he is going to love it! And look at it every day in our home!

Thank you again!


United States

September 20, 2018

Hi Marthe,

It looks wonderful! I’m super excited about it, thank you so much. I think it turned out great. The detail of the flower bouquets and the tulle on the arch is incredible.
I really really like it, and I know Kylie is going to love it as well. I can’t wait to frame it! Thanks so much; I can’t even imagine the depth of concentration it takes to do something like this.



United States

September 13, 2018

*translated from Dutch*

Hi Marthe,
Wow, so beautiful!
Such details. You score especially with the city hall from Culemborg. 😉 The longer you look at it, the more you see.  The initials! So cool! K(…) will be so happy. Such painstaking work.
A thousand thank you’s and I look forward to the mail!
(And ofcourse I’ll let you know what (K…) thought!
With love,

Dag Marthe,

Wow, Super mooi!
Wat een details. Vooral stadhuis Culemborg scoor je punten mee hoor ;). Hoe langer je kijkt, hoe meer je ziet. De initialen! Heel tof!
Wat zal K(…) blij zijn. Wat een monnikenwerk zeg.
Duizendmaal dank en ik kijk uit naar de post!
(En ik zal je natuurlijk laten weten wat K(…) er van vindt!



The Netherlands

September 12, 2018

It’s absolutely perfect can’t wait to see in person!


United States

June 19, 2018

It looks beautiful. Thank you so much


United Kingdom

June 6, 2018

*translated from Dutch*

Oh, so beautiful! We think it’s perfect! ????

Oh wat mooi! Wij vinden m perfect ????

Irene & Christian

The Netherlands

April 23, 2018


The package arrived on Saturday and we are completely happy with the paper cut. I have decided that the frame I thought to use is too small and will be getting a double glass type that is 30×40!!

Thank-you once again, it is just so lovely.

Take care,


United States

May 18, 2018

*translated from Dutch*

Hi Marthe,
Yes, it’s perfect like this!
And like J(…) already said; it looks amazing!


Hoi Marthe! Ja zo is ‘ie helemaal goed!
En zoals Jeffrey al zei, ziet het er prachtig uit! Liefs

Marije & Jeffrey

The Netherlands

April 23, 2018


The package arrived on Saturday and we are completely happy with the paper cut. I have decided that the frame I thought to use is too small and will be getting a double glass type that is 30×40!!

Thank-you once again, it is just so lovely.

Take care,


United States

March 29, 2018

Dear Marthe,

I opened the paper cuts from my sister today and they are so beautiful. Thank you so much. You’re ridiculously talented. They are such a special keepsake that I will always treasure.

My friend K(…) absolutely loved X(…)’s too. Thank you so so much. xxx



March 7, 2018

It’s absolutely and completely perfect. My boyfriend loves it, thank you so very much!


United Kingdom

March 1, 2018

*translated from Dutch*

Hi Marthe,
We just received the cards and the papercut and they are so beautiful! Once we’ve framed the papercut, I’ll send you a picture of it right away.

Many thanks for your speedy process. Even with an extra fawn and stickers. Really great!
Just let me know if you’d like a testimonial somewhere.

Warm regards,

Haai marthe,

We hebben de kaartjes en de papercut net ontvangen en wat zijn ze prachtig!
  Als we de papercut hebben ingelijst stuur ik je meteen een foto.
Heel erg veel dank dat je dit zo ontzettend snel voor ons gemaakt hebt. Zelfs met een extra 
hertje en emblemen. Echt geweldig!!
  Als je iets van een referentie ergens wilt hebben dan laat het maar weten.


The Netherlands

December 12, 2017

Hi Marthe!
J(…) loved the paper cut so much! I gave it to him for Christmas and we’re excited about designing the mounting/frame for it. Thanks again! I’ll be sure to write a great review on etsy.


United States

October 24, 2017

Hi Marthe,

It’s beautiful!! We’re doing the hike right now! My husband loved the papercut and I know it’s something we’ll keep forever. Thank you so much for all your help.


United States

October 3, 2017

*translated from Dutch*

“They (the new parents) were extremely happy with it and they really thought it was beautiful. So I fortunately got the pat on the back for choosing this gift.”

“It also was such a festive package, all nicely wrapped and with the separate cards, it just felt complete.
Creative craftmanship with an eye for all the personal details to which I didn’t even know I wanted them in the piece. I really take my hat off to you!”

Ze waren er ontzettend blij mee en ze vonden het heel erg mooi. Dus ik kreeg gelukkig ook
de schouderklopjes voor het uitkiezen van het cadeau.
Het was ook zo’n feestelijk pakket, mooi ingepakt en met de losse kaarten erbij, het klopte gewoon
Creatief vakmanschap met een oog voor alle persoonlijke details waarvan ik niet eens wist dat ik
ze in het werk wilde hebben. Echt petje af!


The Netherlands

September 30, 2017

Hello Marthe!

Your beautiful paper cut has arrived safely! It’s absolutely wonderful, it’s perfect and just incredible. Your packaging was super too, thank you. (…)
We cannot wait to give T(…) and B(…) the paper cut when they return from honeymoon!

Thank you so much and we will definitely be in touch to arrange one for us!

P.S. Husband’s response when seeing the photos before shipment: That is pretty much the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen…


United Kingdom

September 22, 2017

Hi Marthe,

I received the cutout today – so much faster than I would have thought! It’s so beautiful. I’m really thrilled with it, I think it will make such a beautiful gift.

I’ll send you a pic once I’ve gotten it framed.


United States

September 15, 2017

WOWWWW! Its SO beautiful. I was planning on framing it to give to my husband – but you have done such MAGNIFICENT packaging job- so lovely that I am VERY torn.
It’s just so lovely, I am speechless. I just saw the joined hands – PERFECT.

THANK YOU again dankuwel
I will try and take a photo of it when I have it framed. I feel you have handed to me your well thought out, cared for, stressed over project to complete. I will do my best to see that it is properly finished.

You are so VERY talented, creative and patient.
You are a JOY to work with
THANK YOU again.


United States

August 8, 2017

*translated from Dutch*

Hi Marthe, the nightlight was waiting for us at the neighbours when we came back from our holiday yesterday. It is beautiful;

I’m sure she will think this is a great gift! Thanks for the quick service, regards,

Hoi Marthe, het lampje stond op ons te wachten bij de buren toen we gisteren terug kwamen van vakantie. Het is prachtig; ik weet zeker dat ze het een super cadeau vindt! Dank voor de snelle service, groet,


The Netherlands

April 10, 2017

*translated from Dutch*

Ohhhhh Marthe so cool!!!!!!
We really love the papercut.

Ohhhhh Marthe wat gaaf!!!!!!!
We vinden de papercut super mooi.

Stephan & Noortje

The Netherlands

March 29, 2017

*translated from Dutch*

Hey Marthe,

Wow wow wow! This is so beautiful. We are totally speechless. Such enormous quality!
N(…)’s first respons: “Wow… cool… much more beautiful than we could have ever come up with ourselves!”
So well done!
Very special how you managed to incorporate it all. Really great.

Hey Marthe,
Wow wow wow! Wat super prachtig. We zijn er echt helemaal stil van. Wat een enorme kwaliteit! N(…) zijn reactie meteen: “Wow…gaaf…nog veel mooier dan we het zelf hadden kunnen bedenken!”
Helemaal top dus!
Heel bijzonder hoe je het allemaal hebt weten te integreren. Echt super.

Niels & Paula

The Netherlands