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– Commissions –

Why go for a

Personalized Papercut

A handcut personalized papercut artwork works brilliantly for both personal as corporate commissions.
Many clients tell me that they couldn’t find anything fitting in a generic artwork.
They needed something more, something with significance. That’s why they came to me.
A personalized papercut isn’t just stunning because of it’s beautiful designs and intricate delicacy, but it also has a deeper meaning as it’s tells YOUR story. An authentic and 100% personal work of art.

I’ve worked for businesses and personal clients all over the world to create that unique piece they were looking for, ranging from large show wall hangings, personal artworks, to custom birth announcements.
Now I would love to hear more about your personal story or corporate vision (or any other ideas) to translate into a beautiful handcut paper art piece.

Read more about my services below, or just contact me to discuss your ideas.

I look forward to hearing from you!

How it works

Papercut Process

Chatting about your ideas

We start with thoroughly discussing all of your wishes and whether you already have ideas for the overall feel of the papercut.

This is the time to share all your wild ideas, sketches and secretly taken pictures (yes, some did that!) of the things you’d like to see in the papercut. Usually all communication goes by e-mail to not be bothered by things as time difference and so you’ll be able to read back about the things we discussed.
We take as much time as we need for this part of the process  to be sure we fully understand each other.

Sometimes we already discuss a very rough idea for the design.

Your Design

 Design with final papercut

After our chat and when I’ve got a good idea of what it is you’re looking for, I start designing with your wishes and ideas in mind. This design will look like a regular sketch.

Naturally this design will be sent to you for your approval and to check if I’ve incorporated all the previously discussed elements and whether you like the overall feel of the design. Usually my customers approve the design at the first round, since we discussed everything beforehand, but of course it’s always possible to change small things! 

We’ll only go ahead when you’re 100% satisfied with the design.

Your Papercut

Custom Made Papercutting - Work in Progress
After your approval I start the meticulous process of cutting your custom piece. This needs to be done with a lot of attention and care since every little slip of the knife means the piece is ruined. But this cutting makes the piece “come to live” and get “it’s soul” to speak in the words of my customers.

Final Things & Shipping

1st Anniversary Custom Made PapercutOnce it’s finished I’ll make sure the piece arrives to you as soon as possible in great condition. All my papercuts are shipped with track and trace, so we always know where on the globe it is exactely. Cost for shipping (and packaging) is always discussed in our inital chat (more info in FAQ). Before the papercut is shipped out, I’ll ask you whether you would like a picture of the finished piece, or rather leave it a surprise…

When you’ve ordered a papercut to be used on cards for example, I’ll send you a picture of the papercut before starting to make the lay-out and the print-ready file. In this process your ideas are leading as well. As the whole file will be made just for you, all design elements (font, colour, lay-out etc.) can be made according to your personal wishes. After finishing the print-ready file I’ll send it over for your approval. If you’re happy I’ll ship the papercut to you and send you all the print files you need by mail.

Ofcourse I always love to hear when the papercut has arrived and most importantly whether it lives up to your expectations!

What did they think

Backgroundstories and reviews

- Read about the process, the requests, and what the client thought of the finished piece. -

Average prices

Pricing the Priceless

A custom papercut, made according to your personal wishes take a lot of care, attention and love to create.

Prices for such a one of a kind work depend on a few factors; size (this is an obvious one), but also intricacy and a few things that are harder to define.
So if you’re interested in ordering a custom papercut, just contact me to discuss your ideas and I’ll give you a quote specific to your personal requests.

To give you an idea of prices you can take a look at the generic pricelist, but again;
these are averages!

still wondering…

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the average lead time?

This really depends on the size and the intricacy of the design. A huge portion of my time when making a handcut papercut, is spent on making a design the client likes. But also the cutting itself is a very time consuming process.

I’m often booked 1 – 2 months in advance. However, if your deadline is a bit tighter, don’t hesitate to discuss the options. I might be able to move things around to finish your piece in time.
Please be aware that a rush fee is applied for rush orders.

What if I need my papercut really quickly?
Don’t worry! Just contact me to discuss your deadline and I’ll see if I can move some things around to finish in time.
Please be aware that a rush fee is applied for rush orders.
How much is shipping?

This depends on the size (and therewith weight) of the papercut and potential framing. Of course shipping destination also plays a huge role in this. When you contact me for a custom quote I’ll also give you the shipping cost based on your location and wishes for the papercut (for example framed/unframed). 

    How do I pay?

    Payment usually goes through Paypal. This is a really safe way to pay online, for both parties. Dutch clients could also choose to pay by bank transfer.

    I usually ask for a downpayment of 25% of the total amount (incl. shipping) for the design and the remaining 75% after your approval of the design and before I start cutting.

    Will I be able to see the design, before cutting begins?


    I will always send the design over for your approval before I start cutting.
    Usually clients love the first draft of the design, as we’ve talked everything through when we start out. But of course it’s no problem if you’d like to make some small changes.

    We’ll only go ahead when you’re 100% satisfied with the design.

    Read more about the process of making your papercut.

    Can papercuts be made in another colour than white?

    Custom Made Papercutting - Work in Progress Of course!

    As this papercut is custom made for you, you can choose any colour you’d like for it.

    However, I usually like white for my papercuts, as the little details are easier visible. Besides, colours are easily changed with backgroundpaper, to make it fit in any interior you’d like.

    What sizes can the papercut be made in?

    Custom Made Papercutting - Work in Progress
    Any size you wish!

    Again, as this papercut is custom made for you, you can choose anything from colour, to size, to multiple layers.

    Just keep in mind that if you go too small, I might not be able to get all the things that you asked for, in the design.

    What particulars should I think about?
    What existing papercuts do you like and which ones don’t you like, and why?
    This gives me a better understanding of your taste and will make it easier for me to come up with a design you’ll love.

    Size and Shape
    If you already know where you’ll put the papercut, you could consider the room you intend to hang it in, or a frame you want to put it in.

    Most papercuts will have a border of at least 0.5 cm around to be able to fit in a box frame and keep itself away from the background. Usually the border is thicker, to give it more stability, and hidden behind the window mat. But of course it’s also possible to have no border if you’d like to use a floating frame.

    Most of my papercuts have an overall theme in which potential personal things are hidden in. This theme often incorporate flowers, but anything is possible really.

    Things to incorporate

    Besides the theme, are there other things you’d like to have incorporated?
    I often hide things in the papercut design that have a special meaning. Think of a references to hobbies, jobs, children, places around the world, almost anything can be used in a design. Maybe you’ve some personal details you’d like to have incorporated?

    I usually make my papercuts out of white paper, but other colours are possible as well.

    If you’d like some text in the papercut; What kind of information would you like the papercut to show?
    Think about names, dates, place (of birth or marriage for example), weight of baby at birth, etc.

    If you have some text in the papercut; what font would you like: an elegant font, or rather a bold and tough-looking font. Browse through some of my papercuts or in Word to get inspiration.