Ohhhhh Marthe so cool!!!!!!
We really love the papercut.
Marthe is an incredibly talented artist. I gave her the very difficult task of creating a very small multi layered diorama to include a vignette of our beloved great Dane Lulu. She took great care and a lot of time to make sure I would be pleased. I couldn’t be more so! Thank you Marthe
I contacted Marthe with a custom order request for a paper cut with a Van Gogh quote for my son’s nursery. From the start of our project through the delivery, Marthe was responsive, friendly and always helpful (especially during the design process). She gave great feedback & advice when I was uncertain about different aspects of the piece. The end result is beautiful and even better than I could have imagined. (…) I cannot say enough good things about working with Marthe!

Papercut Memories and Gifts

personalised paper cut picturesMany clients choose a handcut and custom made papercut  to visualise and commemorate a memory or special event or t o make a special very personal gift for a special occasion. This can vary from a pet portrait, a special thank you-gift for someone who helped out in hard times to an exceptional maternity gift.
For whatever occasion you’ll have a papercut made; it will be handcut, and thereby a unique piece that tells your story.

How does ordering a personalized papercut work?

Designing; a personal process

First of all we thoroughly discuss  all of your wishes and whether you already have ideas for the overall feel of the papercut. For this part of the process I allow as much time as we need, to be sure we fully understand each other.
art made to orderSubsequently I create a design with your wishes and ideas in mind.

Naturally this design will be sent to you for your approval and to check if I’ve incorporated all the previously discussed elements. Usually my customers approve the design at the first round, since we discussed everything beforehand, but of course it’s always possible to change small things!

We’ll only go ahead when you’re 100% satisfied with the design.

Cutting your story

After your approval I start the meticulous process of cutting your custom piece and this needs to be done with a lot of attention and care since every little slip of the knife means the piece is ruined. But this cutting makes the piece “come to live” and get “it’s soul” to speak in the words of my customers. ;)


Once it’s finished I’ll make sure the piece arrives to you as soon as possible in great condition. The way you like to have your papercut shipped (with or without track and trace and insurance) is all discussed at the beginning. If you like I can send you a picture of the finished papercut before shipping.

Everything will be talked through beforehand
and executed exactly according to your personal preferences.

Lead time

Creating a custom made papercut  usually takes 1 to 2 months.
But in case you need last-minute cards to be made, don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss the options (a rush fee might be added).


custom made papercutPrices for a handcut custom made papercut depend on the chosen size and intricacy.
For example, for a backdrop the level of detail will go down, but the size will go up.
For prints, I recommend to have the papercut made 1,5 / 2 times larger than the eventual cards, to create a nice level of detail.
Average prices for the papercuts can be found HERE. But please just contact me to receive a customised quote.

For making the papercut into a ready-to-print file I charge €75.
Potential printing costs will be calculated based on your wishes regarding paper type and number of cards.

Read more about ordering your own papercut. or about average sizes and prices (but please contact me for a customised quote!)
If you like to read some reviews first, just take a look at some testimonials or client stories.

Order your personalized papercut  

Order your personalized papercut