Wow, Wow, Wow! This is so beautiful. We are totally speechless. Such enormous quality!
N(…)’s first respons: “Wow… cool… much more beautiful than we could have ever
come up with ourselves!” So well done!

Very special how you managed to incorporate it all. Really great.
Oh, my gosh! I LOVE IT! Thanks so much, Marthe—it’s exactly what I had hoped for!

Custom Birth Announcements

When, after months of anticipation your little miracle is born, you obviously want to announce this to the world in a special way.
And nothing is more unique than a one of a kind work of art that tells your personal story and visualises your new family. I create a custom made papercut with an exceptional appearance to be used in your birth announcements.

Custom papercut birth announcementNext, this original piece can be used to make the custom  birth announcements
Many of my customers choose to use a scan or photograph of the original papercut to edit and make printed cards.
Besides it’s also possible to use the original handcut piece to make lasercut reproductions; this way you’ll get exact cut-out copies to be used as cards. Obviously this technique is a little more costly than the previous one.

How does it work?

First of all we discuss thoroughly all of your wishes and whether you already have ideas for the birth announcement cards. For this part of the process I allow as much time as we need, to be sure we fully understand each other.

Handcut papercut birth announcementSubsequently I create a design with your wishes and ideas in mind. Of course this design will be send to you for your approval and to check if I’ve incorporated all the previously discussed elements. Usually the design is approved at the first round, since we discussed everything beforehand, but of course it’s always possible to change small things! I need you to be 100% satisfied with the design before I start cutting
After your approval I start the meticulous process of cutting your custom piece and this needs to be done with a lot of attention and care since every little slip of the knife means the piece is ruined. But this cutting makes the piece “come to live” and get “it’s soul” to speak in the words of my customers. ;)
Of course I ship the original papercut to you after finishing, potentially with the printed cards, to be used as an extraordinary piece of decoration in the nursery.
Besides making this handcut papercut to create the design for the cards, I can help you with making a ready-to-print file or even arrange for the cards to be printed as well. Usually you’re pretty busy with different things in that first week (weeks)… ;)

Everything will be talked through beforehand and executed exactly according to your personal preferences.

Lead time

For creating a handcut paper art piece I usually need 1 to 2 months.
But in case you need last-minute cards to be made, don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss the options. (a rush fee might be added)
If you want me to make a ready-to-print file for the cards or have me arrange the printing, I obviously would like to know this as soon as possible.
I will make sure everything is ready to go and approved by you before the baby is born, so after he/she has arrived you’ll only need to inform me about the birth data to be printed on the cards. This will save you a lot of stress and last-minute decisions.


Prices for a handcut papercut depend on the chosen size. Custom papercutting announcement
I recommend to have the papercut made 1,5 / 2 times larger than the eventual cards, to create a nice level of detail in the birth announcement card.

For prices of just the papercut (NOT THE CARDS) go here

To give you an idea of the price for a papercut with printed cards;

For €450 you will get:

  • 100 folded cards (10 x 15 cm, or 13 x 13 cm. if you prefer a square one)
  • A custom made papercut design on all sides for a 13 x 13 cm folded card. So 2 papercuts of 17 x 34 cm to make the interior and exterior of the card.
  • The papercut will be photographed to create beautiful natural cast shadows
  • Professionally designed into a card according to your wishes regarding colour pallette, font etc.
  • Printed on a luxurious paper of your choice
  • High quality envelopes
  • And… The original hand cut papercut piece (which will make a beautiful artpiece for your nursery!)

If you would like a papercut design just on the front of the card, this would be about €355.

Keep in mind that prices will vary according to your wishes. When contacting me for a personal price indication, please think about the following: your ideas regarding size of the card, folded or single, where you’d like it to feature a papercut and how many cards you’d like.

More information on ordering your own papercut can be found here
Order your personalized papercut


Order your personalized papercut