Commission me – Private Customers

A handcut personalised papercut makes a beautiful keepsake or gift for several occassions.
I’ve made papercuts to celebrate anniversaries, make a special ‘thank you’ gift, or birth announcements for new babies.

If you would like to own an exclusive and unique paper cut to make your home even more special, or to give away for that one special person, or to commemorate that unforgettable moment; you can commission me to make a one-of-a-kind design according to your personal wishes and budget. It will be designed from scratch according to your wishes and handcut by me. A painstaking process where every little slip of the knife destroys the piece, but where the end result is something truly unique.

Quality and personal service are of the utmost importance to me and my goal is to make that very special piece that tells YOUR story, to treasure.

Papercut wedding gift

custom papercut birth announcements

papercut gifts custom anniversary gifts






You’ll find a few examples of commissions here.

If you would like to get your hands on an original Whispering Paper paper cut, but prices for a custom piece are a little above budget; you can visit the Whispering Paper page on Etsy and choose an existing design you like. It’s also possible with a few designs to personalize them with a name. Since these pre-designed paper cuts save me the design time, which is a very big part of making a paper cut, prices are lower than a commissioned piece.

How does it work?

When you’ve decided you want to commemorate that special moment with a papercut, take a look at the “what particulars should I think about?” question below, to make your ideas and wishes clearer.

When you’ve worked out what papercut you want and decided on the details you want to be incorporated, send me an e-mail with your ideas to We’ll keep in contact via e-mail until we’ve worked most of the details out and I have enough to work with to make the design. This step is extremely important as I want you to be 100% happy with the design I will be making.

With all of your wishes in mind, I’ll draw up a design. After it’s done, I’ll send a picture of it via e-mail for you to review. Please keep in mind that the actual papercut by nature looks different from the sketch. It’s just for you to check if I’ve incorporated all of your wishes. Anything you really want to change? This is your chance to speak up, because after I’ve made the (minor) changes to the design, I’ll start cutting.

Of course I will let you know, once the papercut is finished and ready to be sent.

What particulars should I think about?

Size and Shape
With this you can consider the room you intend to hang it in, or a frame you want to put it in.
Also think about whether you want the papercut to fill the frame or to have a border. Most papercuts will have a border of at least 0.5 cm around to be able to fit in a box frame. Of course, if you don’t want such a border, that’s possible as well. You can also decide to get a papercut with a thick border. Then the papercut will be smaller than the actual size of the paper, so it gives an extra dimension behind the picture mount, as you can see in the a few commissions, for example in this wedding anniversary papercut.

I usually  make my papercuts out of white paper, but other colours are possible as well.

Would you like an elegant font, or rather a bold and tough-looking font. Browse through some of my papercuts or in Word to get inspiration.

What kind of information would you like the papercut to show?
Think about names, dates, place (of birth or marriage for example), weight of baby at birth, etc.
And where would you like to have this text; incorporated in the design such as in the “Myrtille “papercut, or underneath a papercut with border such as the “Sophia” papercut?
Of course papercuts without any text are possible as well.

Most of my papercuts have a nature theme such as animals or birds. But as you can see in the “Beachbusje“, “Koi” or “Martin” design, other themes are possible as well. Think about what you would like to have incorporated in the design.

Things to incorporate
Besides the theme, are there other things you want to have incorporated?
I often hide things in the papercut design that have something to do with either the parents or the newborn. Can you find them? Maybe you’ve some personal details you’d like to have incorporated?

What existing papercuts do you like and which ones don’t you like, and why?
This gives me a better understanding of your taste and will make it easier for me to come up with a design you’ll love.


How long will it take?

This really depends on the size and the nature of the design. Please keep in mind that I’m often booked 1 – 2 months in advance.  But if you have a deadline, just let me know and we’ll discuss how we might get it done in time.

Please be aware that a rush fee is applied for rush orders.

How will I pay?

Once you’ve been in contact with me and we’ve worked out what exactely you want, I’ll start making the design. For this I require a downpayment of 25% of the total amount.

After I have finished the papercut you can pay the rest of the total price, before I ship the papercut to you.

You can pay via PayPal. This is a really safe way to pay online, for both parties.