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Anniversary Ibiza Wedding 2

A custom made piece from first enquiry to final delivery

The papercut is a memory to us, of a very special day and hangs on a nice and prominent place in our home.

papercut chantal schuin op hout - Anniversary Ibiza Wedding 2

Client’s requests

Chantal contacted me after a year after her beautiful wedding in Ibiza. She told me she got a giftcard to spend on art as a weddinggift from her family (don’t you think that’s such a great gift idea?)

She told me they had the wedding in a private villa in Ibiza with an amazing garden filled with Bougainville, roses and palmtrees, and under a 100 year old olive tree. The couple and their family styled the garden with paper lanterns and dreamcatchers made by their family.

chantal 4 inspiratie naast elkaar - Anniversary Ibiza Wedding 2

She would love to have this represented in the papercut, especially the olive tree needed to have a prominent place in the piece. Lavender needed to be featured as well, as this had a special meaning to them. To give me a better idea of the feel and look of the wedding she sent me lots of pictures of their wedding and all the decorations.

Designing the papercutScan ontwerp papercut Chantal Hielkema Ibiza wedding - Anniversary Ibiza Wedding 2

As Chantal wanted the impressive olive tree to have a prominent place in the piece I made sure it was in the foreground. I decided to make the rest of the piece a little vista of the villa and the garden. For the romantic feel I added all the requested flowers.

I personally like to vary the sizes of the flowers and give it a sort of “flow”. This makes the design look more interesting. As you see with this sketch, a drawing looks way different than the final papercut. Chantal was a bit worried in the beginning whether it would be a very busy piece, but after I explained the design a little, she was happy to go ahead.

The final papercut

papercutting work in progressAfter approval of the design I started cutting the papercut. Especially the villa was a little tricky; with geometrical shapes like these, you see ever little flaw. Luckily it came out nicely and when I sent the piece over to Chantal (she didn’t want to see any pictures, but rather keep it a surprise), she was very happy!

They did a beautiful job framing the piece and used the wood board that I use for shipping, as the backdrop (scroll down for a little picture of it).

Gorgeous right?papercut chantal totaal op houtkopie - Anniversary Ibiza Wedding 2

What the client said:

*Translated from Dutch*
“We had a handcut paper art made for our wedding on Ibiza. In our mail conversations we sent wedding pictures for an impression of the atmosphere and explained which specific wishes we had. After this Marthe drew up an incredible design. In this design all details that were important in our special day, were incorporated. The design in itself was already amazing.

Marthe discussed the rest of the process and indicated what we could expect from the “actual work” the Papercut. The endresult was stunning. Everything was incorporated in it. The old olive tree in the garden of the villa in which we got married, the specific flowers, which have a special meaning, and the dreamcatchers for decoration. The Papercut is a memory for us of a very special day and now has a nice and prominent place in our home.”

Chantal – The Netherlands

chantal papercut ingelijst en detail - Anniversary Ibiza Wedding 2

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Papercut illustrations for Libelle Magazine

Libelle magazine asked me to make several illustrations for their special Christmas edition. This edition is usually extra festive and beautiful for the Holiday season.

For this issue I was asked to design their logo for the cover, several little illustrations to be featured throughout the magazine (balletdancers, deer, bunnies, stars etc.), illustrated text for the first page of an article and all of the zodiac signs in their Year Horoscope for 2018.

A very exciting assignment, but also quite stressful as their deadline was really tight (as I think it always is with magazines).

Below an impression of the work I made.


WP on Dutch TV: VT Wonen Weer verliefd op je huis

vt wonen 3
Dit was niet iets waar ik aan gewend ben; mijn hoofd (en werk) op tv….
VT Wonen ‘Weer verliefd op je huis’ doet prachtige interieur make-overs voor mensen die hun interieur zat zijn. Voor deze make-over was ik gevraagd een grote papercut te maken die op de een of andere manier het stel verbeeldt. Omdat Müge en Marvin uit Turkije en het Caribisch gebied komen en in Nederland wonen heb ik ervoor gekozen om Turkse, Caribische en Nederlandse bloemen erin te verwerken. De papercut werd uiteindelijk 1m. bij 1,50 m.!!

Not something I’m used to; having my face (and work) on tv…
The Dutch TV show ‘Weer verliefd op je huis’ does beautiful house make-overs for people who fell out of love with their interior. For this make-over I was asked to make a large papercut, that would somehow represent the couple. As Müge en Marvin are from Turkey and the Carribean, living in Holland, I chose to use different Turkisch, Carribean and Dutch flowers to form a big (1m x 1,5 m!) flower ‘draping’

link naar aflevering vt wonen


Eures yearbook 2017

Last year I was invited at Eures to help with making illustrations for their yearbook 2017.
Eures (EURopean Employment Services is a cooperation network designed to facilitate the free movement of workers within the EU 28 countries plus Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

Each year they ask their Eures advisors to participate in the making of illustrations for the yearbook. This year I was asked to teach a workshop papercutting to their advisors as well as make a few illustrations for the yearbook 2017 myself.
It was very interesting and exciting to have these people from a totally different workfield work on papercuts and see them become more and more enthousiastic about their creations.

Take a look at the final product below.


eures voorkant jaarboek 300x300 - Eures yearbook 2017


Poster with poem for Dutch publisher Plint

So incredibly excited to see my paper cut online featured in several products on the website of Dutch publisher Plint.

Plint is a foundation that combines poems of several poets with illustrations of different talented artists. This makes for incredible gorgeous posters and other products.
For Plint I cut a huge poster (50 x 65 cm) featuring the journey that the boulder made to the beach, as this is what the poem is about.

Check the poster out here:
My paper cut is also featured on their cards, diary of 2016 and book full of ‘Plint-poems’.

Gifttags; Collaboration with Happymakersblog in Dutch VT Wonen magazine


artikel gifttagsvoorkant vt wonen

I’m very proud that I was asked to be part of this great collaboration between several artists and Happymakersblog.
I handcut the design for one of the gifttags (Beautiful day!). All the designs were then Letterpressed on Gmund linen cream 600 gram. A gorgeous and very special gift (tag) ;).

Would you like more information about these gifttags, or would you like to buy them? Go to my Etsy shop:

Contribution to the book ‘Send something beautiful’ by Emily Hogarth – October 2014

I’m very honoured that I was asked to contribute two DIY Papercutting projects to Emily Hogarths new book ‘Send something beautiful’. A great book full of fun projects to make and send to someone special.

Title: Send something beautiful
Author: Emily Hogarth
Amazon UK:
ISBN-10: 1845435486
ISBN-13: 978-1845435486 NL:
ISBN10 1600584470
ISBN13 9781600584473

Whispering Papercuts

Marthe loves taking quiet time to make her paper whisper. Working from wherever the wind blows her (or her husbands work to be more exact) she creates handmade papercuts, mostly inspired on nature. Her work is intricate and delicate and usually made out of white paper.

Marthe makes ready made papercuts, but is also available for commissions! Just send her a message, she would love to hear from you!