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WP on Dutch TV: VT Wonen Weer verliefd op je huis

vt wonen 3
Dit was niet iets waar ik aan gewend ben; mijn hoofd (en werk) op tv….
VT Wonen ‘Weer verliefd op je huis’ doet prachtige interieur make-overs voor mensen die hun interieur zat zijn. Voor deze make-over was ik gevraagd een grote papercut te maken die op de een of andere manier het stel verbeeldt. Omdat Müge en Marvin uit Turkije en het Caribisch gebied komen en in Nederland wonen heb ik ervoor gekozen om Turkse, Caribische en Nederlandse bloemen erin te verwerken. De papercut werd uiteindelijk 1m. bij 1,50 m.!!

Not something I’m used to; having my face (and work) on tv…
The Dutch TV show ‘Weer verliefd op je huis’ does beautiful house make-overs for people who fell out of love with their interior. For this make-over I was asked to make a large papercut, that would somehow represent the couple. As Müge en Marvin are from Turkey and the Carribean, living in Holland, I chose to use different Turkisch, Carribean and Dutch flowers to form a big (1m x 1,5 m!) flower ‘draping’

link naar aflevering vt wonen


Eures yearbook 2017

Last year I was invited at Eures to help with making illustrations for their yearbook 2017.
Eures (EURopean Employment Services is a cooperation network designed to facilitate the free movement of workers within the EU 28 countries plus Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

Each year they ask their Eures advisors to participate in the making of illustrations for the yearbook. This year I was asked to teach a workshop papercutting to their advisors as well as make a few illustrations for the yearbook 2017 myself.
It was very interesting and exciting to have these people from a totally different workfield work on papercuts and see them become more and more enthousiastic about their creations.

Take a look at the final product below.


eures voorkant jaarboek 300x300 - Eures yearbook 2017


Plint Window poem

plint raamgedicht 2

Remember that I made a big papercut featuring a beautiful poem about a boulder for Dutch publisher Plint?

They now reproduced this papercut as a screenprint on transparent material to hang on your window. I’m really in love with this, especially since you it now casts similar shadows as the original papercut.

Interested? Take a look at the Plint website. 

Papercuts on some fine wine!

screenshot site gros ventre

Californian wine producer Gros Ventre Wine Cellars asked me to make papercut designs for their new wine labels.
They wanted me to make papercuts featuring Aspen trees, an Aspen tree branch and some wild flowers to match their existing designs.

I really love how they were then used in the new labels. The tree branch and leaves were printed in gold on the new white wine and the wild flowers were used in their new rose and printed in a beautiful colour gradient that already gives you that summernight feeling.

Now to find a way to get to taste the contents of these beautiful bottles… ;)

Design for wine labels - Gros Ventre Cellers

Design for wine labels – Gros Ventre Cellers

Design for wine labels - Gros Ventre Cellers

Design for wine labels – Gros Ventre Cellers

Creative Life x Whispering Paper

screenshot site creative life

On 24, 25 and 26th of March I took part in the new event Creative Life; a beautiful (really; beautiful!!) place where over a hundred creative entrepeneurs settled for these three days setting up a little shop or workshopspace.
There was a lot of fun things to do and buy and overall the response was great.

During these days I was teaching the basics in papercutting in 45 minute workshops. I had a great time talking to all those wonderful and inspiring people in an evenly inspiring environment.

To get an impression of this event; take a look at the Creative Life website.

Poster with poem for Dutch publisher Plint

So incredibly excited to see my paper cut online featured in several products on the website of Dutch publisher Plint.

Plint is a foundation that combines poems of several poets with illustrations of different talented artists. This makes for incredible gorgeous posters and other products.
For Plint I cut a huge poster (50 x 65 cm) featuring the journey that the boulder made to the beach, as this is what the poem is about.

Check the poster out here:
My paper cut is also featured on their cards, diary of 2016 and book full of ‘Plint-poems’.

Gifttags; Collaboration with Happymakersblog in Dutch VT Wonen magazine


artikel gifttagsvoorkant vt wonen

I’m very proud that I was asked to be part of this great collaboration between several artists and Happymakersblog.
I handcut the design for one of the gifttags (Beautiful day!). All the designs were then Letterpressed on Gmund linen cream 600 gram. A gorgeous and very special gift (tag) ;).

Would you like more information about these gifttags, or would you like to buy them? Go to my Etsy shop:

Contribution to the book ‘Pop Up Cards’ by Emily Gregory

pop up cards book 2While moving to Cambodia I was asked to make two projects for the book about Pop Up Cards. And while it was crazy busy during this time, I couldn’t say no to such a fun project!
I made to projects; one with waterlily flowers (I love their beauty!) and one ofcourse with a bird. ;)
It’s a great book to find inspiration when you would like to send something extra special.

For sale through Amazon or for the Dutch:

Whispering Paper in Flow Weekly

Very proud to be featured with an Instagram photo and a little interview in one of my favourite Dutch magazines Flow Weekly!


To order click here