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Hi! I’m Marthe van Herk (1986) and I create custom made Handcut Paper Art under the name Whispering Paper since 2012.

As long as I can remember I’ve always loved to draw and to visualize the images and worlds I had created in my head. So it wasn’t a surpise that I went to Artschool. After my graduation from University of the Arts Utrecht in 2009 I worked for several years teaching art to my high school students.


wip plint-kleiner

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After these years of teaching we moved our family (husband and two girls from  ’12 en ’14) abroad. There I felt the urge to create again and with seeing papercut art in a magazine I got inspired to try this technique. I loved it and went on to develop my own style, after many many hours of cutting, of incredibly delicate and intricate pictures.

Now I’ve been cutting professionally for a few years and worked for clients on commissions both private as corporate (VT Wonen Tv show, Gros Ventre Cellers, Plint, Quarto Publishing, etc.) and I had the chance to make many fun things like winelabels, gifttags, posters and many commissions translating personal stories and special events.

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This is precisely one of the things I like most about my work; the personal contact I have with my clients and the stories they share. Sometimes I even get pictures sent that are secretly taken of personal items such as shoes and jewels, that need to be incorporated in the work. Well, anything for a nice design, right?! ;)

Do you have a personal story which you like to have depicted in a unique papercut, or are you interested in visualizing the vision statement for your company or another type of cooperation; I’d love to hear from you!

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