Sizes and Prices

The prices mentioned below are for a tailor-made paper cut (excluding packaging and shipping). The paper cut will be designed from scratch according to your personal wishes. This makes a truly unique gift for a special person or your special self! ;-) (Take a peek of commissions I made earlier HERE).

Please note that these are average prices for standard sizes.
To me tailored service and quality is important, so the actual price for your custom made papercut will be worked out for you depending on your personal wishes regarding what to incorporate, preferred size (ofcourse other sizes than mentioned below are possible as well) and intricacy of the design.

XS:   (10 x 15 cm. / 12 x 12 cm.):
S:     (13 x 18 cm. / 15 x 15 cm.):
M:     (15 x 20 cm. / 17 x 17 cm.):
L:     (20 x 25 cm. / 22 x 22 cm.):
XL:    (28 x 35 cm. / 31 x 31 cm.):

€ 98
€ 158
€ 206
€ 305
€ 532

For rush orders a rush fee is applied.

These prices are for private commissions only. If you would like information about commercial commissions please contact me for details.

What does the price include?

The price includes the papercut only. After our initial discussions, I will draw up the design and you will have one opportunity to request changes before cutting begins. For more information about the process, go to the Commission me page.

These prices do not include a rush fee for rush orders. Please contact me for more information.

What is not included?

Prices are exclusive of postage and packaging.

Please note that the prices are for unframed papercuts. Unframed papercuts are safer to ship. However, if you want to have your commissioned papercut framed, please let me know!

These prices do not include a rush fee for rush orders. Please contact me for more information.


In case a custom paper cut is a little above budget, or if you like a pre-designed paper cut as well; take a look in my Etsy shop. Prices are lower there, since it saves me the design time, which is a very big part of a custom paper cut.

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