About Whispering Paper

A childhood love of drawing was the first sign that Marthe would follow a creative career path. She graduated from University of the Arts Utrecht as an art teacher and set out to impart her enthusiasm for drawing and the arts in her high school students.

wip plint-kleiner

plint detail 1-kleiner-bewerkt



After a few years of teaching creativity to her students, she and her young family (husband and two girls (’12 & ’14) went on to live abroad. There Marthe felt an irresistible urge to revisit her own creative work. She was inspired to try paper cutting by the work of a Dutch artist  and went on to develop her own style of incredibly delicate and intricate pictures. Whispering Paper is the product of countless hours spent honing the drawing and cutting skills required to produce this beautiful and fragile art form.

wip joodse papercut portret 3-kleiner-bewerkt